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Diaphragm: QBY pneumatic diaphragm pump
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QBY series pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of transport machinery, is currently the most innovative of a pump. Air compressor with compressed air as power source, for a variety of corrosive liquids, with particles of liquid, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid, can be drawn light exhaustion. The performance parameters and Federal Republic of Germany WLLDENPVMPS, the United States MARIOWPUMPS similar. Factory has formed a series production, a total of eight standard diameter: ¢ 10mm (3 / 8 "), ¢ 15mm (1 / 2"), ¢ 25mm ( 1 "), ¢ 40mm (1 1 / 2"), ¢ 50mm (2 "), ¢ 65mm (2 1 / 2"), ¢ 80mm (3 "), ¢ 100mm (4"). Three materials, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel. Diaphragm pumps were used according to the different liquids NBR, chloroprene rubber, fluorine rubber, PTFE. To meet the needs of different users. Since the operation of the pump has been more than a thousand domestic petroleum, chemical, electronics, ceramics, textiles, paints, pharmaceuticals unit of the mechanical system used, placed in the kinds of special occasions, for a variety of conventional pumps can not pump pumping the media , and the ideal replacement gear pump are taken with satisfactory results. Pneumatic diaphragm main features: 1, no irrigation water, suction lift up to 7m, head up to 50m, the export pressure ≥ 6kgf/cm2; 2, flow spacious, good performance, allow the maximum particle diameter of 10mm. Pumping slurry, impurities, little wear and tear on the pump; 3, head, flow through the valve open to realize the level adjustment (pressure adjustment between the 1-7kgf/cm2); 4, the pump has no rotating parts, no seals, diaphragm pumps will be pumping the media with moving parts, the working medium completely separate the transmission medium can not be leaked outside. So pumping toxic, flammable or corrosive media, it will not cause environmental pollution and danger to personal safety; 5, do not have electricity, flammable, explosive use of safe and reliable place; 6, can be soaked in media work; 7, the role of convenient, reliable, open stop simply open and close the gas valve, even a long time because of accident or sudden stop running without the media, the pump will not result in damage, not once overload, the pump will automatically shut down, with self-protection, and when the load is back to normal, another start automatically; 8, simple structure, less wearing parts, the pump is simple to install, easy maintenance, the pump will not come into contact with the media delivery with valves, rods and other moving parts together, unlike other types of pumps due to the rotor, piston, gear, leaving leaves and other parts of the wear performance gradually declined; 9, can transmit the viscous liquid (viscosity 10,000 centipoise or less); 10, no oil lubrication of the pump, even if idle, nor any effect on the pump, which is a major feature of the pump. The main purpose pneumatic diaphragm pump 1, pump peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, small sausage, jam apple pulp, chocolate and so on. 2, pump paint, gum, paint. 3, adhesives and glue, all types of pumps can draw. 4, various tile, porcelain, tiles and pottery glaze device. 5, after a good oil well drilling, filling with sediment and pumping. 6, pumping and packing of various emulsions. 7, various sewage pumping. 8, with a pump for oil tankers, barges, warehouse clearance absorb water. 9, hops and yeast slurry, syrup, molasses. 10, pump shaft, tunnel, tunnels, mineral, slag in the water. Pumping cement grout and mortar. 11, all kinds of rubber pulp. 12, all kinds of abrasive, corrosive, oil and mud, grease and general cleaning containers. 13, a variety of toxic, flammable, volatile liquid. 14, all kinds of acid, alkali, strong corrosive liquids. 15, resistant to high temperature liquid to a maximum 150 ℃. 16, as a variety of solid-liquid separation equipment to send the first-level pressure devices.

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