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U.S. ARO pneumatic diaphragm pump
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U.S. ARO pneumatic diaphragm pump ARO pneumatic diaphragm pump in the U.S. printing ink, paint, chemicals, electroplating manufacturing, environmental engineering, ceramic industry and other industries, has been widely used because it has a lot of the traditional pump itself can not replace the advantages, such as: pneumatic equipment very safe, for some explosive chemical materials, no worries; resistant to corrosion and seepage, because the pump is not moving shaft seals, there is no possibility of leakage; any of the CVT, the output flow can do be adjusted without additional devices, the pump is not the concept of no-load or overload, the pump will not burn hot; no gears and the impeller, capable of handling the sand-water mixture; is squeezed by the contraction of the diaphragm and a special fluid suction or output will on the chemical aspects of viscous material is very suitable for such. ARO pumps with unique patented valve, no dead point, the exhaust port is not freezing, more than any other pump flow.

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