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Pneumatic diaphragm pump application in the field of mechanical galvanizing
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Mechanical plating is the introduction of industrial applications in developed countries in recent years, new technology, can achieve clean-type production process, the green surface treatment technology. In the mechanical plating process requires that the number of glass beads and the workpiece to a large mixing tank, the use of pneumatic diaphragm pumps can improve production efficiency. Mechanical plating at room temperature, the after degreasing, rust and wax into a rotating steel parts plated barrel, add water and the impact of the media, forming a play a collision, the role of rubbing roller flow environment, according to a predefined adding zinc galvanized layer thickness and the pharmacy, in the physical, chemical adsorption and mechanical impacts in the steel under the action of zinc layer formed on the surface. Advantage of mechanical plating technology Compared with the traditional zinc plating process, mechanical galvanized coating evenly bright, coating thickness can be measured by feeding the workpiece by the corrosion conditions of service environment required 5 ~ 110μM to control, and easy to achieve coating alloy. In addition, unlike mechanical plating plating rectifier power supply required, nor need heating hot dip galvanized process at room temperature, hydrogen embrittlement after plating without plating, after plating and no temper softening. Part the same coating thickness, corrosion resistance and hot dip plating, and a considerable; and lower production costs and the hot dip plating. Mechanical plating operating environment, without heat, dust, smoke, waste water and in post-plated - coagulation treatment can meet emission standards. More extensive application of mechanical zinc plating, involving vehicles, manufacturing, electricity grid, the construction industry, road transport, construction fittings, hardware and agricultural greenhouses, and many other fields, the general length is less than 300MM, the weight of the workpiece for less than 1KG mechanical plating. Most suitable for mechanical plating of the workpiece with the chain, bolts, nuts, all kinds of pads, springs, screws, nail, cement nail, expansion nail, line fittings, pipe couplings and high-strength fasteners. The workpiece can be used for mechanical plating base material are: non-alloy steel, low alloy steel, spring steel, cast iron (malleable iron, gray iron, ductile iron), powder metallurgy parts. Mechanical galvanized the market prospects According to statistics, mechanical plating domestic product for electricity, transport, mechanical fasteners, plumbing pipe, nail, concrete nails, chain, etc. (about 200 million per year T). At present the practical application of mechanical plating is only 1 million annual production of about T, and export-oriented processing. With the development of the market for metal surface treatment have become increasingly demanding, mechanical galvanized class will work piece in a considerable number to replace the traditional zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing process, and industrial hardware products developed gradually to high school file product development, middle and low hardware products have set up factories to developing countries. India, Korea, Vietnam and other countries, the Chinese have more market potential, including the processing of domestic and export markets, is currently making strides to become the world's metal processing and export of power. Mechanical galvanizing process in recent years as China's technology development, commissioned by the foreign domestic processing of increasing year by year, distributed in Sichuan, Zhejiang, Henan, Hebei and the coastal provinces. Mechanical plating in the country has seen huge development space, plus mechanical galvanizing equipment and raw materials abroad expensive, complex process, these are for domestic mechanical galvanizing process and equipment creating a good opportunity for development. With awareness of environmental protection, as well as the implementation of environmental regulations, traditional zinc plating process technology will be limited, mechanical plating technology is "green" surface treatment technology, due to good social and economic benefits, mechanical galvanizing process will has an excellent prospect.

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