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Successful implementation of coal-water slurry diaphragm pumps made in China ma
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CWS diaphragm is one of the key equipment of coal chemical industry, have high technical difficulty, long relied on imports. By 2020 the country will add a variety of Texaco gasifier 2,000, 2,000 high-pressure pump and the need to 4000 low-pressure pump. In the first generation of high-pressure coal slurry diaphragm development based on the color Shen Machine Company in the application of modern CAE technology, a proprietary technology innovation system, developed with the current international advanced level with independent Intellectual property rights of high-pressure pump and low coal pump coal products, applications have been five national patents. It features advanced design, reasonable structure, mature and reliable manufacturing process, the overall technical parameters of the matching technology, rubber diaphragm Technology, heavy crank structure, magnetic signal sensor technology, automatic control technology, high-pressure sealing technology with technological innovation, resolved in the harsh working conditions, high rates of continuous operation of the key technical issues, Products to fill the gap. Shenyang Machine diaphragm in color based on the project - in the south of the petrochemical companies and large single set of chemical fertilizers on coal gasification plant in the capacity of 1500t, gasification pressure is 8.5MPa, the pressure gasification is the world highest, is the only input work Operation of the coal chemical industry, Texaco gasifier, the technology level representative of the current international advanced level. Structural adjustment programs which raw coal slurry pump design and manufacture of low voltage task of the Chinese and color Shen Machine Company. To October 2007, two Low-pressure pump station coal industry to run 20 months to complete the evaluation; a continuous high pressure coal slurry pump 4500 hours to complete three full cycle assessment of industrial operation, the fourth cycle of the ongoing industrial operation. The first (set ) Successful operation of diaphragm pump, filling the domestic blank, indicates that China's coal pump technology to achieve high and low current international advanced level, for the development of coal chemical equipment manufacturing and technological progress and promote the important .

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