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Well dirty course of study uses senior staff pump energy-saving obtain apparent
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Senior staff pump smokes slop to enter circular canister

Since 2008, company of well dirty estate closely around " energy-saving fall bad news, dig go synergism " mobile theme, carry out new castigatory in order to publicize " managing energy law " for masterstroke, combine current condition, concentration publicizes country and group company to be watched about carrying out scientific progress, advance energy-saving the demonstrative spirit that decreases a platoon and major move, the energy-saving consciousness decreasing a platoon that enhances extensive staff further and energy-saving fall cost consciousness, combine this unit to be being begun " found cropland of green oil gas " and establish the activity such as system of as metric as executive the sources of energy management, elaborate organization is begun energy-saving transform the job, each basic unit begins from large part have sth in mind, small part, use the method such as gizmo, small creation, small innovation, energy-saving fall bad news job already obtained apparent effect.

Ministry of project of this company artesian well uses senior staff pump to smoke slop to enter circular canister. When be being gotten into, because cannot install blowout preventer,a slop is returned inside the well, can dig chamfer of a diversion only, introduce slop inside ground hole pool, with 1000 model slop pump from ground hole pot is taken inside the pool, existence old horse plays car phenomenon. Adopt the method that uses senior staff pump to smoke slop to enter circular canister, but a large number of managing slop pump drain diesel oil. 2 companies change garage mercury light the light that cast light, inside the garage original the mercuric lamp of 102 450W, report of a hour of bad news 50 degrees, one day is calculated by 4 hours is 200 degrees, one year 72000 degrees, unit technology personnel undertook in the light of this problem illume and circuitry are transformed, transform those who be 35 250W to cast smooth light, a hour 8.75 degrees, below same job system, report of a year of bad news 12600 degrees. Through contrast we can see: Before transforming one year of power consumption 72000 degrees, charge 26640 yuan, a year of power consumption after transforming 12600 degrees, charge 4662 yuan.

Through developing this activity, employee people water consciousness had energy-saving section to rise apparently, everybody realises resource is managing managing to the company is produced and founding resource model the main effect of the enterprise, this company tells the managing, person that is managing offer a idea now much, tell managing already became employee nowadays people a kind of self-conscious action.

Henceforth, company general works below the well from beginning to end practice strict economy, dig latent capacity, fall cost, pursuit is the biggest benefit, regard as the first class important matter that the company grows will catch. " energy-saving fall bad news, dig go synergism " the square respect aspect that pervades a company, guide extensive staff from managing " for a time the respect such as an a piece of report, paper, water is made, not tire of is small, not tire of is little, mining latent capacity, do one's best uses lowermost cost, do for company of Xinjiang oil field make service of actor project technology only.
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