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Two kinds of new-style oil well pump obtain academy of big harbor oil extraction
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What academy of craft of oil extraction of big harbor oil field develops independently is new-style smoke tubing string, avoided a lot of problem that former Guan Zhucun is in, better in result of the test on two wells, its core component two-way an oil well pump and oil well pump of double every Er, in pairs won a state a few days ago practical and new-style patent.

At present big harbor oil field smokes tubing string groovily to be comprised by common oil well pump and bleeder, but the blemish with existing certain on function tubal column. Common oil well pump cannot undertake direct circulation flushing, check pump is strong arenaceous the vitta below the ability after also can offerring post of former well casing entirely only undertakes developing arenaceous operation, take a lot of work take time. And be in charge of the bleeder of the form a complete set on column to because performance quality problem leaves by accident,often cause pump of stop production check, to oil field production and long well exercise create needless loss and investment.

For this, academy of craft of big harbor oil extraction developed two kinds new-style smoke tubing string. One kind is two-way smoke tubing string, its are main tool of form a complete set is two-way connect oil well pump, with common smoke tubing string photograph to compare, have function of direct circulation flushing, and still can deepen column of former well casing to undertake rushinging arenaceous, bleeder can be not installed to achieve the result of oil of discharge of the exercise that repair a well on implementation canal column. Another kind smokes tubing string for double Fan Er, its are main tool of form a complete set is oil well pump of double every Er. This pump and common oil well pump are compared, not only can prevent arenaceous, candle is blocked up, gas lock, and have inlet port area big, but, turn over flushing, lengthen check pump cycle, increase the good point such as pump effect.

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