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Product requirement of airtight of mechanical industry fluid is forecasted
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Current, the development of the industry such as our country agriculture, irrigation works, the sources of energy, traffic, information, building, environmental protection is rapidder, need the need that a large number of machinery equip to develop in order to satisfy its for this. As industrialization and automation level rise, these equipment need form a complete set are many high-powered the hydraulic pressure pneumatic with high reliability and sealed component. The pace is calculated first, predict country is right 2010 amount of hydraulic pressure, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealed product requirement, will by 20 billion yuan of 2005 (import about 900 million dollar among them, export nearly 300 million dollar) add reach about 35 billion yuan (import about 1.5 billion dollar among them, exit restrains 500 million dollar) . Among them, hydraulic pressure product is added by many yuan 100 reach 20 billion yuan, hydraulic product is added by many yuan 10 reach many yuan 20, pneumatic product is added by nearly 3 billion yuan reach many yuan 50, sealed product is added by many yuan 30 reach 7 billion yuan.

Agricultural machinery
Predict according to concerning, to 2010 big in horsepower tractor year demand amounts to 100 thousand about, the combine harvester is 50 thousand, additionally of all kinds agriculture has an amount mechanically also increasing ceaselessly, predict 2010, big in horsepower tractor has a quantity to amount to 1.3 million about, the combine harvester amounts to 400 thousand about. According to the industry sold whereaboutldirection statistic 2003, hydraulic pressure product occupies hydraulic pressure to sell amount for form a complete set of agriculture machinery OEM 4.9% (retail share not by statistic inside) . Accordingly, the market demand that uses weather strip of hydraulic pressure pneumatic for agriculture machinery form a complete set, maintenance can have very big growth.
Agriculture machinery product needs many gear pump, force plunger pump, banked direction control valves, oil cylinder to wait.

Project machine
Project machine is the biggest user of hydraulic pressure product, 42.3% what hold industry sale, scale still will expand henceforth, the development tendercy of project machine is so crucial. According to predicting, to 2010 hydraulic pressure grab year demand amounts to 60 thousand ~8 about 10 thousand, bulldozer (120 horsepower above) nearly 10 thousand, fork-lift truck makes an appointment with 100 thousand ~12 10 thousand, land leveler makes an appointment with 2000, roller makes an appointment with 15 thousand, construction crane makes an appointment with 20 thousand, forklift makes an appointment with 80 thousand, the cement mixer is close 10 thousand. In addition, our country has project machine to make an appointment with 1.4 million now, predict to achieved 2 million 2010. Additional all, the fluid casting die that the place of form a complete set such as machinery of the excavator that produces every year for domestic company, road, cement mixer imports, amount to above of 150 million dollar about. Anyhow, for project machine form a complete set, maintenance uses the market of hydraulic pressure and weather strip to will face the new period of great progress.
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