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Control valve of pressure of hot pump appropriative and straight hot formula hea
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Special pressure control valve uses hot pump at heating up type to heat up the advantage of pump continuously:
1, adjust quickly the balance pressure between cold intermediary system and canalage system.
The scale operation function that special pressure control valve has through oneself is counting hot pump find inside the second hydraulic the equilibrium point with cold intermediary pressure, the tall low-pressure stability that allows cold intermediary system is in corresponding position. Make sure temperature giving water is stable then.
2, can reduce condensing pressure of cold intermediary system effectively, protect compressor,
Special pressure control valve can stabilize hot pump to give hot pump condenser cold water in all, in water and cold intermediary the circumstance of converse flow falls, the cold intermediary of interior of condenser tube wall and tube wall are external water from the top down undertakes notting have by temperature extremely statified, cold intermediary temperature of from the top down is by arrive high low, water temperature of from the bottom up is by low arrive tall, water is warm in ascendant process, in different paragraph draw type of heat energy of cold intermediary side different-----In bottom (area 3) absorb liquid state cold intermediary to hold heat, mid (area 2) absorb cold intermediary liquefaction to heat up, upside (area 1) absorb report and machinery to change gaseous state cold intermediary to hold heat, because affect condensing pressure of cold intermediary system, is liquefacient temperature, and this temperature is in again of condenser in lukewarm area, condensing pressure of cold intermediary system won't be too so high.
3, can raise hot pump to give water temperature.
Because heat up pump to give water paragraph (condenser area 1) absorb report and machinery to change gaseous state cold intermediary to hold heat, although this temperature is as high as about a hundred degrees, unapt also exceed compressor to set range, so better in systematic design case falls, give water to be able to raise 20 degrees or so
4, can raise hot pump can effect comparing.
Because condenser tube wall is external,from the top down presses water and the cold intermediary with in-house tube wall temperature undertakes notting have extremely statified absorb quantity of heat, let pour out of condenser (area 3) cold intermediary attributes exceeding super-cooling position, that is to say the exalted heat energy of cold intermediary side is absorbed by water place entirely almost. Raise hot pump thereby can effect comparing
5, hot pump switchs on the mobile phone can have inside minute beforehand the hot water output with stable buy.
Work in hot pump compressor commonly 20, 30 seconds (inspect condenser structure and decide) , condensing pressure of system of hot pump cold intermediary can go up to 18- - 25kg/cm2, the pressure that is equal to oneself place set to condensing pressure when control valve perception (15- - 23kg/cm2) when, water side is corresponding open, condensing pressure stops to rise, beforehand the stable hot water of buy is outputted
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