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Water north moves the lash-up water supply of central line to realize technical
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As make sure safety of capital Beijing water supply is preferential the individual project of arrangement -- south stone of Beijing of central line of water north tone paragraph project of lash-up water supply built recently and connect water successfully.

North of the water austral the State Council moves Zhang Jiyao of director of project committee office to express, a lot of soft science that place of project of water north attune involves south and hard skill are world-class, it is the forward position domain of irrigation works course and research of combination of many brims course. Stone is in Beijing paragraph in project of lash-up water supply, brainpower innovates ceaselessly, in channel line build by laying bricks or stones, Beijing on the west the innovation of technology of construction of a batch of engineerings such as project of 4 annulus dark contain achieved major breakthrough.

Channel line build by laying bricks or stones. Concrete of project of path of Beijing stone Duan Qu construction of line build by laying bricks or stones is large-scale machine of step of use channel line, be in Heibei paragraph full-length in the channel project of 201.047 kilometers, tackle key problem through the technology, equipment of line build by laying bricks or stones can finish major mechanization one-timely channel slope horn, brae and the concrete cloth of canal shoulder, be defeated makings, brace up pound, carry oar and shape, accelerated project plan, assured construction quality.

PCCP plumbing. Beijing paragraph PCCP plumbing is full-length 56.359 kilometers, it is home first large-scale use diameter 4 rice, double platoon, bury deep the project that is as high as concrete of 20 meters canister of prestressing force steel to be in charge of, in the world peerless also. The project applied cathode to protect anticorrosive technology first, organized be opposite more than 100 (set) large conduit is made, the research and development that installs equipment and craft are improved, research and development without craft of material of coal tar pitch of solvent annulus oxygen and automation spray, captured exceed large requirements PCCP bear socket cooperates parameter, alkaline collect to expect core of reaction prevention and cure, canal is outside the multinomial difficult problem such as face break prevention and cure.

On the west project of 4 annulus dark contain. Full-length 12.64 kilometers, decorate for crewel, with Beijing 4 annulus road fluctuates on the west parallel, imports and exports is 3.8 meters of × 3.8 meters Fang Han, the round contain of 4 meters of diameters is among, use shallow bury the dark construction that dig a way. Achieved coping of dark contain structure and subway structure distance only 3.67 meters, subway structure is the oldest sedimentation the record that the value is less than 3 millimeter.

Project of aqueduct of water transport river. Country's at present biggest aqueduct is defeated by water, full-length 2300 meters, by 24 10 meters cross be born rectangle groove, 34 20 meters are crossed and 42 30 meters cross composition of aqueduct of much side wall, for 3 chamfer configuration of Jian Zhiliang of one couplet much side wall, odd chamfer dimension 6 meters of × 5.4 meters. Of high-powered concrete lukewarm accuse to defend the crucial technology that cracking is aqueduct construction. Interior is adopted to drop in temperature in construction, measure of exterior heat preservation drops difference in temperature of concrete inside and outside, use aggregate beforehand cold, bury the technology such as cooling conduit beforehand, what better land solved aqueduct is lukewarm accuse to prevent crack a problem.
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