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Anqing city Danamen pumping station cut corrupt engineering go into operation
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Hopeful of fountainhead of Anqing town drinking water gets be optimizinged further. On October 7, in the edge the reporter on Jiang Lu sees, the Danamen that the our city undertakes to protect drinking water fountainhead pumping station cut corrupt the project is being carried out in full blast in.

Danamen pumping station cut corrupt the project regards our city drinking water as source punish project, give birth to vivid be closely bound up with the citizen. In former years, anqing city has many to be in sewage without processing by Danamen the Yangtse River is emited into near market opening, the source caused drinking water of environment of qualitative to water of the place the Yangtse River, zoology and life of our city dweller to be affected certainly. Danamen pumping station cut corrupt after the project is carried out, will in Danamen market opening installs catch basin, after cut sheds the catch basin of sewage classics the place that sheds classics the place, will suitable by the edge Jiang Lu comes appropriate city direction east 1206 meters of diameters of new laid 716 millimeter cut corrupt conduit, flow to contain of box of people road sewage, final classics city east the Yangtse River is emited into again after sewage treatment plant is handled. Whole project budgetary estimate always invests 3.5 million yuan, start working will be built on September 24, will ensure before the end of the year this year finishing check and accept through saving examine and verify of environmental protection branch.

Going up along Jiang Lu, the engineering personnel that having spot construction says to the reporter, what at present this project is undertaking is cut corrupt conduit is buried set the work, the member that have 3 grab and person of construction of nearly 40 engineerings everyday works in insecurity, they will do the engineering construction timetable that establish to complete each established work in order according to key of town city building.

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