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Dosage of chemical industry pump 85% all homebred change
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Chemical process pump is the floorboard of all sorts of pump in chemical production process. The breed of chemical process pump is very much, by its action principle can be divided wait for blade pump, cubage pump, circumgyrate pump. By production process or product characteristic can be divided wait for pump of oar of makings of pump of high-pressured armour amine, cryopump, phosphoric acid.

In recent years, as economic development, chemical line of the products increasingly grow in quantity, also raised new requirement to the performance quality of pump product. In water pump industry, factory of Harbin water pump introduced the liquefied petroleum pump of former company of Japanese common perilla to manufacture a technology above all, haibogeman is mechanical and then sealed column of skin of company, Shenyang is sealed the company also introduced advanced technology and product to manufacture a technology from the country such as Germany, United States, Australia in succession, solved chemical equipment " run, risk, leakage " problem, get the welcome of broad user.

Pump of oar of phosphoric acid makings comes true basically homebred change

The medium that phosphate fertilizer needs to carry in manufacturing process basically has phosphorite oar, phosphoric acid to expect all sorts of oar, filtrate, thick phosphoric acid is rare the phosphoric acid, thick vitriolic, rare vitriolic silicon acid that reach fluorine, pump suffers medium extremely easily to corrode or corrode hold <> concurrently erode wear away. Phosphoric acid expects oar pump is the general term of all sorts of pump in process of phosphate fertilizer production, it is to be provided extremely be able to bear or endure representatively to corrode and be fought by force wear away pump is planted. What develop in phosphate fertilizer industry is earlier, commonly used chemical industry is anti-corrosive pump, some life have a week only, accordingly, the expert of line of business of domestic and international pump expects in phosphoric acid the respect such as experiment of the structural design of oar pump, material, sealed research did work of much research and development.

Expect in phosphoric acid the design of oar pump is medium, what should solve above all is anti-corrosive or corrode hold <> concurrently erode wear away problem. Accordingly, mutual to structural design and pump case and impeller between match should try special consideration. Foreign phosphoric acid expects oar pump place uses metallic data, it is according to medium the state introduces different series. Domestic manufactory and research unit also undertake to all sorts of material function is mixed cankerous respectively fight wear away the research of function, innovation goes stainless steel of his ferrite stainless steel, Shuang Xianggang, austenite to wait for material series. Home has mill of major of pump of oar of makings of not little phosphoric acid, at the same time also the Chinese Academy of Sciences, university, designing institute, academy waits participate in scientific research development, of pump of oar of phosphoric acid makings homebred change a problem to be solved basically already now.
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