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Yesterday 31 heavy industry Jing of 2 class market shows 20% price difference a
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31 heavy industry yesterday closing quotation of 2 class market close to harden, a large amount of trading that stop valence in order to drop to sell, jing shows the enormous value of 20% to need a space.

Shanghai stock exchange a large amount of trading public information shows, 31 heavy industry 20 days two a large amount of trading that clinch a deal with 13.15 yuan, ten million of total amount even more yuan. 31 heavy industry close at yesterday 15.96 yuan, go up amount to 9.32% .

31 heavy industry frequency will show a large amount of trading since the bottom in September, did not clinch a deal in time of a month 7 -- it is to saving what municipal plan causes completely " 9.19 " after prices. These 7 bargainor all passes Shenzhen of associated negotiable securities business ministry of deep Nadong road trades, buyer does not have one exception all is classics of Zhengzhou of Central Plains negotiable securities 3 business ministries.

31 heavy industry are in October 13, 15, 3 of 16 day happening a large amount of trading clinch a deal the price all under the minimum price that 2 class market trades that day.

Go up month up to now, business ministry of road of deep Nadong of Shenzhen of associated negotiable securities sells 7 when go out a large amount of trading amount is less than 2.7 million, be not worth total capital stock of 31 heavy industry 1.488 billion 1% red line (14.88 million) two into; Trade the quantity can be in completely 2 class market can be digested that day, do not need fee it seems that such trade greatly cost (like the) of 20% price difference yesterday.

Before 31 heavy industry 10 large stockholder besides 31 groups, the others is orgnaization investor, the small blame on nonexistent common sense. Next, 31 groups are affirmatory on June 18: Lift a ban will appear on the market on June 17 518 current, 126, 188 share continue to lock up of one's own accord since June 19, 2008 decide two years; Rise two years from June 17, 2008 in, be like stock of 31 heavy industry value of 2 class market under 55.76 yuan of / , 31 groups commitment is not decreased through 2 class market hold. Hold with be being decreased under value of 2 class market can be orgnaization investor only it seems that.

Xiang Zengfa of protocol of announcement of 31 heavy industry will buy administrative layer to accuse on October 10 31 serious chance, 31 groups control a person actually to be changed with 400 million yuan net assets namely 31 heavy industry 118 million, add held appear on the market company the share of 7.34% , weigh those who add held another classics to be in charge of to going up is low lift.

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