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Bao Gang steel price will continue to drop this year in December
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Yesterday, many steely trafficker received steely December price of Bao Gang to adjust an announcement. According to the announcement, the steely product value such as galvanization of Bao Gang's hot-rolling, cold rolling, report was reduced generally 700, 1000 yuan / every tons. Regard domestic iron and steel as old of course of study, price all along of Bao Gang is market vane. Whether does treasure steel this action mean domestic steely market to will continue fatigued and weak? To this, the expert's view is put in difference.

Bao Gang says in the announcement that move price, share of classics treasure steel (5.42, - 0.13, - 2.34% , ) price committee considers to decide, in December, the steely product value of treasure steel share will be reduced somewhat on the foundation November. Among them, hot-rolling product value is reduced 800, 1000 yuan / ton; Value of product of common cold rolling reduces 900 yuan / ton; The product value such as aluminous zinc of galvanization of galvanizing, report, plating is reduced 700, 900 yuan / ton. As we have learned, already was Bao Gang reduces steel price the 3rd times continuously since this year October this. It is with value of cold rolling product exemple, will reduce 300 yuan than September in October / or so tons, will reduce 800 yuan than October again in November / ton, will reduce 900 yuan once more in December / ton. That is to say, the price of cold rolling product December is lower than September 2000 yuan / ton.

Those who deserve attention is, announce the announcement that move price in Bao Gang hind, saddle steel announced new value policy immediately afterwards: Order goods in what will give in October on favourable foundation, the product such as besmear of hot-rolling, cold rolling, colour depreciates generally about 1100 yuan / ton.

Latter, steel price steeps fall continuously, investigate its reason, it is crucial that market demand decreases. However, policy of each steelworks value is differ, take turns depreciates, also had the effect of add fuel to the fire on certain level. Market personage is anxious, after domestic steel price steeps fall continuously, treasure steel this action will make the market flabbier calm. Nevertheless also the expert expresses, steel this action just is in treasure to draw close to market price. Xu Xiangchun of the expert inside course of study expresses, all the time since, regard the only that orders goods by the quarter as manufacturer, bao Gang is the product value that announces prospective month ahead of schedule, its price is so higher than market price. The price after Bao Gang depreciates this still compares market price tall.

In addition, in many steelworks in succession price of reduction of output, steel exceeds dropping circumstance to fall, the market already began to rebound. Recently two days, building materials and hot-rolling product value are little rebound, among them building materials rebounds more than 500 yuan / ton. But still cannot judging this at present is brief rebounding still is the market begins firm.
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