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World energy situation rebuilds business chance of market of new energy resource
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International Energy Agency (Richard Jones shows IEA) executive vice president, suffer the effect of global banking crisis, each country throws the fund that the sources of energy develops to be ensured hard, a lot of energy projects are forced defer. In the meantime, company of a few oil falls in the influence of financial crisis, as a result of slow down in demand, manage inevitable meeting to encounter predicament. If financial crisis goes down continuously, world energy industry will reshuffle.

Academy of finance of world energy resources carries out He Shigong of dean of dean, Chinese finance academy to express, "The problem of the sources of energy is financial problem greatly, both between it is interactive relation, for instance, finance promotes action to arriving since energy development, the sources of energy can develop quickly, but if the sources of energy develops occurrence problem, cause financial occurrence problem very easily " . Job of banking of world energy resources closes great, finance of the sources of energy is the sources of energy and question of financial developing strategy not only, and it is problem of economic developing core, the problem of reality of economy of the sources of energy that global place faces passes reform of finance of the sources of energy to solve urgently. The sources of energy expands the capital requirement in the process, will stimulate economy of the sources of energy greatly, the further progress that is finance of the sources of energy brings good opportunity, the area is developed in key of energy natural resources, one of trades that energy industry already made financial industry stress support are mixed the main source of industry profit. Money market of efficiency of the union that company of development of industry of financial support energy, energy takes an active part in market of money market, energy and financial strategy, energy develops quickly, be reform of finance of the sources of energy is specific reflect.

As we have learned, the whole world is right in recent years but the investment of second birth the sources of energy amounts to above of 30 billion dollar every year. The national capital such as the United States, European Union, Japan from can develop the strategic height with energy security continuously, in the formulate on level of strategy of national energy resources the route chart that new energy resources develops, increase the investment of research and development of pair of new energy resources ceaselessly. The transition of the sources of energy that drives by finance has risen to surface.

In last centuries 70 time, oil crisis once had been stimulated one round include solar energy and wind energy inside upsurge of new energy resources, but because price of new energy resources is high,reach oil price fall subsequently and subsidise. Upsurge of this round of new energy resources is stimulated besides high oil price outside, new energy resources reachs economic dominant position relative to the environmental protection advantage of traditional the sources of energy, it is the more essential cause that promotes development of industry high speed.
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