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CPI will go up September will firm in hasten falls grand attune will change dire
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Suffer the effect of food and fall after a rise of heavy goods price, the expert inside course of study predicts, our country CPI will go up September a hopeful continue on the foundation August fall after a rise, predict to be in 4.6, 4.9% between, appear firm in the trend that hasten falls, macroscopical adjusting control or will change direction in the round maintain growth.
The expert predicts CPI will continue in September generally fall after a rise
The monitoring data of Department of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture shows, produce price annulus will be compared September drop 0.1% , drop compared to the same period 0.8% . Specific in light of, will suffer August seasonal the vegetable with bigger impact, fruit still is drop brunt, the flesh kind, edible oil continues fall after a rise, aquatic product keeps smooth, commissariat, egg is small rise. Golden report predicts in, food CPI annulus will be compared September will drop 0.1, 0.6% , compared to the same period amplitude can fall to 10% the following.
Golden company chief economist breaths out afterwards inscription to think in, inflation will continue to alleviate September, industry is produced somewhat spring back. He predicts, CPI inflation will fall further September to 4.5, 4.8% , PPI suffers the effect of callback of price of international heavy goods, reach fall after a rise seeing a top 9.7% , 10.0% , but with CPI hang still maintain.
The bank that start line of business is presiding economist Lu Zheng appoint also express, CPI will go up September will continue on the foundation August fall after a rise, predicting meeting is in 4.6% , 4.9% between, interval median 4.7% , annulus comparing rises 0.2, 0.3% .
Traffic bank studies the ministry releases a report to forecast, CPI amplitude will be in September will continue on the foundation of fall after a rise considerably August be issued to lower levels, will be in 4.3% , 4.7% between, will be May since successive 5 months fall after a rise. Hand in express all right, because food price will be mixed September,getting this verdict basically is become warped end element continues to maintain downtrend.
Li Huiyong of presiding and macroscopical analyst predicts Shen Yinmo country, CPI will be added September fast and on the month is about the same, predict to be 5% , but PPI can drop considerably to 8.1% .
Glide to economy concern is one-up
Fall after a rise will reach CPI amplitude afterwards August 5% the following hind, will continue September optimistic anticipate, the expert inside course of study forecasts this data generally to still can be in 5% the following, and under August. This one word already neared the 4.8% inflation target that the beginning of the year makes. As the fall after a rise of month by month of CPI, the concern that to economy growth glides also pays close attention to particularly.
Newest questionnaire investigation shows the Central Bank, 2008 3 quarters, macroscopical economy anticipates the index falls to 1.3% , it is to came 2007 nadir, respectively than going up the quarter is mixed on year the corresponding period drops 9.0% with 13.8% . Production of 3 quarters industry is added fast anticipate an index relatively on quarter and on year the corresponding period dropped respectively 2.0% with 3.2% , this shows entrepreneur moves to prospective economy continue of be issued to lower levels anticipate increase further.
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