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Look forward to of diving China coal will deny international coal price in Octob
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The message that coal price plunges lifted not small billows in the stock market, affect coal board piece several enterprises all take advantage of an opportunity drops. After 11 long holidays successional a few days, coal board piece in energy resources of the coal in including inside several enterprises all drop stop.

After the last ten-day of a month in September, suffer concussion of financial seismic sea wave, price of international report coal goes low to come all the way nearly 6 months are new low. International coal price already dropped last week to 121.17 dollars / ton, international coal price drops extent is close 25% .

The analysis inside course of study thinks, suffer be a burden on of case of boat freight rate, future 3 to coal of 6 months international the price or will drop further. Additional, of crude price drop coal bring greater pressure. Market analysis says, if oil price drops further, will affect the sales volume of coal directly and hit control coal price.

In foreground of international money market so confused setting falls, major orgnaization and analyst are right coal the sentiment that expresses a pessimism. Coal whether fight a way of a blood, how will each coal company answer this not small cold current again?

To this, the reporter interviewed association of Chinese coal industry the controller of relevant section, electricity Department door and company of a few coal.

Coal price plunges advocate because of: Demand atrophy

Whole September, the harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty that regards domestic coal market as barometer puts coal quantity to still last exalted, coal price also general falls 20 yuan / or so tons.

On October 9, policy of association of Chinese coal industry studies department head Zhang Yong explains: "The reason that coal price plunges is a lot of respect, this has very big concern with international economic situation above all. Plus at present domestic coal supply demand relations produced change, do not have to the demand of coal exuberant first half of the year, the reason of a lot of respect is brought about appeared at present coal price falls, coal is many the phenomenon of corner. Coal is many the phenomenon of corner..

Additional, second half of the year, demand of international oil price relatively those who anticipate is low, market confidence is depressed, the price that oil price diving caused a series of relevant industry products also appeared the fall of different level. So, suffer oil price to pulled the element that move and causes coal price to drop immediately to also hold quite large proportion.

Zhang Yong expresses, coal price rises element of dropping compose cause of formation is main by demand and cost two elements are controlled.

The mine that because its are special,coal reachs relevant product product, wash refine, carry wait link a moment, so otherer industry is told, its cost is fixed on certain level. In cost relatively fixed circumstance falls, demand became the vane that dominant coal price moves toward.
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