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The influence that mechanical industry invests politic banking crisis cannot be
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Second half of the year is macroscopical 2008 economic policy has transformed to control inflation, maintain growth, CPI will be reduced August 4.9% , PPI is maintained in the perch of 10.1% , CPI and PPI appeared price scissors, advocate because of measure of price control of of all kinds administration, predicting future is short-term the likelihood inside maintains a relatively neutral macroscopical economic policy, the possibility that continue to strengthen adjusting control or loosens is not large.

The United States second the financial nucleus that borrows the crisis to cause chain reaction has erupted, euramerican economy enters decline to already was become finality. Beautiful Europe government decides to note early or late endowment in order to remedy a dangerous situation. But because amount is too huge, to the American government of deficit of finance of sink a huge sum, it is to tear open nevertheless east wall, fill on the west wall, through imprinting the method of money to shifting its crisis on the others of global each country. Asian each country wants to be in fictitious with entity economically avoiding a loss is unlikely.

Euramerican finance orgnaization and economy are immersed in predicament. The credit that the certainly will of liquidity difficult position of many finance orgnaization brings about commercial bank initiative is constrictive. If the executive a huge sum of American government is noted endowment plan certainly will brings about a dollar to devalue, the rigid business that gives priority to in order to export to China brings adverse effect.

Machinery of the concrete in project machinery industry suffers effect of estate adjusting control, put in bigger uncertainty; Crane applies at hypostatic economy especially in the workshop of big giant iron and steel, petrifaction, electric power, mechanical plant, project and equipment hoisting, short-term inside the momentum that still keeps relatively exuberant, but like fructification body economic happening glides, still can get adverse effect; Scraper instrument applies at capital construction project, get grand air the influence is minor, still maintain constant growth 8 years, but add fast put delay.

Machine tool industry serves to wait for many industries at facilities of project machine, railroad, car, shipbuilding, power, the industry is periodic fluctuant extent is lesser, and have certain lag model, the boom with large, heavy-duty at present taller still machine tool is spent and increase a current.

Graph 1

1. macroscopical adjusting control is entered incompact not loose phase

1.1CPI increases fast fall after a rise, PPI hopeful fall after a rise, policy hopeful is entered short when incompact not loose phase
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