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Coal of report of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty presses harbor to amount
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Be located in port area of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty base of each big coal reserve appears recently explode the circumstance of canopy.

"This is ' coal ' it is completely suffer from, carry again come coal does not have a place. " a personage of harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty tells a reporter.

On September 21, place puts coal to had achieved 8.71 million tons, than much dailier many tons 300. On September 26, a personage tells port office of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty the reporter, this ground puts coal to had broken through 9.4 million tons, distance limit 10 million tons not far.

Harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty regards change trains of coal of north and south as the ground, appear the circumstance that many report coal squashs, it is economy glides after all cause slow down in demand, still be company of power of coal price tall look forward to does not wish to buy, decision-making branch is paying close attention to the country closely these problems.

"(before before long) the case of electric power insecurity appeared to change newly at present. " on September 26, power industry development and reform international forum fall in new condition, bureau of national energy resources manages director Zhou Xian admits integratedly, the electric coal reserve of haven of island of emperor of similar the Qin Dynasty is too much had behaved for the issue with new energy resources.

He points out, harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty puts coal more, it is the show that coal report supplies insecurity to alleviate temporarily, whole still economic situation begins a gliding inflection point, need to study well.

According to reporter understanding, at present electric coal stock soars, have short-term factor already, have place of the slip ring below old economy, also with electric coal price still on the high side is concerned.

China can green power plant of group Tianjin willow has group of electric machinery of fire of 4 300 thousand kilowatt, the near future opened 2 only. Yu Ze of director of this plant former office is chosen tell a reporter, little because Tianjin power demand is in,switching on the mobile phone is drop, this and Olympic Games are restricted to produce to the enterprise about, but the environment that also cannot leave whole economy to glide. "The enterprise is not the Olympic Games ended can of start working, power demand increases need time. " he says.

Suffer an Olympic Games to be restricted to produce wait for an element, beijing, Tianjin will appear to enjoy growth with report in August.

Dou Yadong of division of business affairs of port office of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty expresses to our newspaper reporter, at present power demand is reduced, also did not straighten with electric coal price about. Electric coal price visits town to south and character still on the high side, because this power company does not wish to buy electric coal, this was affected electric power is supplied and consume growth. "At present island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty the electric coal price of 5500 kilocalorie fell a bit, but than last year 500 multivariate 1 ton still wants almost 1 times taller. " he says.
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