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Price of steely industry steel and cost double fall
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This week analyst attention spends before 20 highest shares in, bank, landed, iron and steel and machinery make kind of stock accept favour. Especially bank kind this week has the share 7 on a list of names posted up, be in prominent place. Landed, steely, machinery makes kind of share this week has 4 respectively, 3, 3 on a list of names posted up. Steely industry peak period not flourishing, at present steel price and cost are entered double fall passageway. Now with respect to steel iron plate piece does brief analysis.

Combine steely network news according to China, 25 steelworks announce the news that reduces rolled steel price last week, steel of treasure steel, An Gang, Han, Lai steel, horse steel, willow steel, approach steel, wine steel a batch large and medium-sized steelworks also amid. Guo Taijun installs an analyst to express, price whole enters domestic steel products to drop quickly passageway. Seasonal requirement is fall after a rise of price of steel of delicate, international, current of price of the rich play chess of business and steelworks, steelworks become loose successively make price of domestic steel products falls defeat considerably. Although the price at the beginning of September has brief rebound, but belong to current businessman to rise to pull, fail to cause wait-and-see downstream demand. This year steel city " busy season not flourishing " the feature is apparent, short-term inside force of the action on steel price shortage.

August output of countrywide crude steel 42.57 million tons, successive two months occurrence annulus is compared drop, grow 2% by the month only, amplitude is 6 years of lowest. Capital hill one analyst thinks, manufacturer of this indication rolled steel already began to glide by force of steel price the pressure that reachs tall look forward to of raw material cost and cut output, high cost of low steel price makes profit margin of steel look forward to atrophic.

Face low confused rolled steel market, xu Lejiang of treasure steel president thinks, in inflationary pressure, economy growth puts alleviation below the macroscopical setting with downstream trade abate demand, entire industry is entering high cost period, rely on the low cost, competition way that spells the price to go to the end.

Iron plate of near future steel piece go force is main as synchronous as grail. Guo Taijun installs an analyst to point out, hang on of chance of steely trade investment is downstream the get warm again after a cold spell of demand and even macroscopical economy, and world economy puts delay apparent, need to whether can grow inside will depend on directly the orientaton of national economic policy.

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