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Economy of Chinese the sources of energy takes the brief analysis of situation s
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Economy of current our country is in periodic adjust level, economy is added fast already successive 3 quarters occurrence fall after a rise, the evidence that policy of macroscopical adjusting control also appeared to written guarantee compose sex becomes loose. Meanwhile, the pace that resource price reforms presents the trend that pushs quickly however, price of case of oil price of afterwards finished product, electrovalency, coal make after adjusting, the voice that water price, hot price adjusts is louder and louder also.

Below this kind of setting, economy of the sources of energy is sure to move in whole countryman economy in act more important role, photograph union also has become the sources of energy and economy to analyse current economy correctly to develop posture an indispensable perspective. For this, should accelerate make energy-saving model wealth tax policy, continue to advance value of resource sex product to fashion mechanism reform, raise tax rate of tax of resource of important resource product and compensation of mineral products resource to expend a standard as soon as possible, stimulative resource is reasonable use; Be aimed at resource of mineral products of different and phyletic energy, clutch method of research plan duty reforms scheme, implement energy tax as early as possible.

Energy production and consumption are added fast by litre turn fall

With was a bound 2005, production of our country energy and consumptive growth rate by litre turn fall. Since 2000, ability of supply of our country energy increases apparently, china has made the whole world the 2nd great energy resources produces a country. Statistical number shows, chinese energy output was coal of 2.37 billion tons of standards 2007, 1.8 times was 2000, 7 all grow 7.1% year after year. 15.87% what Chinese fossil the sources of energy produced gross to take the whole world 2007, increased 5.39 percent than 2000.

Enter after 2000, the sources of energy consumes speed to begin to accelerate, and exceed the growth rate of gross domestic product of the corresponding period stage by stage. Gross of Chinese energy consumption amounted to coal of 2.65 billion tons of standards 2007, china held global the sources of energy to consume the half of growth, become the 2nd great energy resources to consume a country. "15 " period the sources of energy is consumed year all increase rate is 11.3% , this is consumption of the energy after reforming and opening year all the period with top increase rate, mixed 2003 especially 2004, the sources of energy consumes year of increase rate to be achieved respectively 15.3% with 16.1% , the sources of energy consumes stretch coefficient to be as high as 1.5 with 1.59, it is two increase rate is top a particular year since reforming and opening.

Such high energy resources is consumed, caused the sources of energy is produced and carry supply unusual insecurity, oil energy resources imports a large number of addition, oil security is whole even energy security is browbeaten badly, environmental protection is challenged badly. Since 2005, energy production and consumptive amplitude all have relatively drop substantially. Among them the sources of energy consumes year of increase rate to be in 2004 come to was respectively 2007 16.1% , 10.6% , 9.6% with 8% , downtrend is apparent.
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