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"Hind Olympic Games " environmental pressure is ecbolic tide of new energy resou
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Beijing is held successfully 2008 the Olympic Games, jubilation of the whole nation. It is Beijing the development henceforth brought unprecedented opportunity. And the largest window that green Olympic Games makes Beijing undoubtedly, the contaminative problem that this Beijing place faces also is very arduous.

Current, beijing is one of a few only gives priority to with coal fired especially big cities on the world. Last year, beijing energy total consumption achieves coal of 40 million tons of mark, in the whole nation each are big in the city, be next to Shanghai, rank 2. Use up in Beijing the sources of energy in, coal and coke place occupy specific gravity to be as high as 41.5 % . The structure of the sources of energy that gives priority to with coal and raw coal of many and direct burning are the main reason that causes pollution of Beijing air environment.

Accordingly, the clean combustion technology that adjusts coal of structure of the sources of energy, development, in order to improves atmosphere environment, had made the first job that Beijing environment administers.

And Beijing, it is an epitome that our country environment administers only.

Our country is big country of world energy production and consumption, but the energy production that gives priority to with coal and consumptive construction are endless and reasonable, coal proportion is too large, brought enormous environmental pressure. As we have learned, 2000, output of energy of our country achieves coal of 1.08 billion tons of standards. Although the new energy resources such as our country solar energy, wind energy, terrestrial heat also has the development of different level, but raw coal still is as high as 998 million tons. Coal pollutes the main factor that becomes pollution of our country environment. Accordingly, how to make new energy resources replaces old the sources of energy to had made the first job that countrywide environment administers.

Face contaminative pressure, we also saw the blaze of the hope, a kind with hydric the fuel cell car that is the sources of energy gets offline, during Beijing Olympic Games, cars of 500 this kind of new energy resources throw Olympic Games service. The car of fuel of this kind of hydrogen that as our country the 4th generation owns completely own intellectual property realized 0 pollution truly. This car adds hydrogenous fuel to be able to run 300 much kilometers, highest speed per hour can be amounted to horary 150 kilometers, performance of power of car of cell of this batch of fuel increases, truckload dependability, wear relatively before 3 generation have apparent promotion.

Face the intense competition between international, the pollution that China will naturally cause in old the sources of energy takes effectively step on the problem, also can develop new energy resources energetically at the same time, return blue sky of a green jade water of Chinese.

Wait for plenary meeting of sponsorred finance of world energy resources to will be in Beijing to hold at will coming 5 days on November 3 by academy of finance of academy of finance of network of banking of academy of finance of world energy resources, China, China, Asia. The topic of new energy resources such as report of discussion wind of this congress general, nuclear energy, Guang Fufa report, the conference will discuss the sources of energy to be able to last for accord at the same time the heat topic such as development.
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