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Service of German expert technology goes hill county benefit amounts to bearing
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Because enjoy Mr Ci,Beijing spy road overcomes Lai is Germany retired expert, by national expert bureau and Germany retired expert is organized (SES) connection, from group of Shanghai center expert (CQC) the clique is gone to go hill county benefit amounts to bearing industry to undertake instructor, it is this arrive from October 9 go Shan Lida company, will go to Zhejiang benefit to amount to a company again on October 16, the service will end on October 27, time is as long as of half month.
On October 15 afternoon, city of Cha Peng rate leads deputy director general of bureau of Anqing town occurrences in human life wisdom do responsible comrade, will go hill county visits the German expert capital that is amounting to bearing to make limited company undertake the technology serves in benefit special because Lu Kelai enjoys Mr Ci, lu Xuqiao of minister of members of standing committee of county Party committee, organization, yu Benxu of director of bureau of human affairs of constituent ministry undersecretary, county is accompanied visit.
Because Lai of gram of Beijing spy road enjoys Mr Ci to point out, will go hill this place is very good, very beautiful; Everybody cooperates happily, the life is arranged very hand and foot also, I am very glad. Go prospect of development of business of Shan Lida bearing is good, the stainless steel bearing that produces at present has technical innovation sex, in course of study of person of the same trade it is banner. At the same time he hopes, the enterprise still must be passed improve technology, reduce cost, improve beneficial result, in order to improve congener product in the world competition ability.

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