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In steel assist held informal discussion of steel look forward to in all busines
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In steel assist production of presiding steel look forward to manages an informal discussion to be held at will be in Beijing on October 17, point out steel look forward to to answer from adjust a product structure, measurable be restricted to produce, wait for a respect in order to sell order of a system of fixed quotas for grain production, normative sale to had done relevant work.

When insanity of value of market of domestic steel products drops, the steely company production that by Chinese iron and steel association directs manages an informal discussion to will be in Beijing on October 17 golden stage restaurant is held, the company of about 70 steely production that includes enterprise of iron and steel of steel of Bao Gang, saddle, Wu Gang, Heibei, Sha Gang to wait inside attends this meeting. The conference aims cogent knowledge is current the problem that steely industry place faces, answer complex and the market environment that provides a challenge extremely, stabilize the market panic mentality that spreads ceaselessly, with overshooting jointly current crisis.

On the meeting, steel of steely group of treasure steel, saddle steel, fierce steel, sanded steel, Heibei, aid, medium letter rich peaceful and abundant of Tang Shan country with respect to before 3 quarters manufacturing operation circumstance makes simple introduction, last in the light of current price fall after a rise, profit drops, atrophy of downstream trade demand and domestic and international macroscopical economic situation express respective view, introduce to answer measure severally, and relevant opinion and proposal. Delegate attending the meeting expresses consistently, at present steely production company encounters problem of the following respects generally:

From 9, company profit glides apparently since October, deficit area expands, partial steelworks is average deficit of every tons of rolled steel is made an appointment with 1, 000 yuan.

The inventory inside steelworks ministry (raw material inventory and manufactured goods inventory) pressure is greater, it is relatively difficult that trade contract is organized inside.

Export order drops apparently, partial enterprise 11, only the half of normal circumstance will control export order in December.

Downstream industry production is added fast put delay, appear even negative growth.

For this, many steelworks already adopted relevant measure to be answered actively, basically include to be restricted to produce moderately, project of defer new put into production, strengthen interior management, swim with fluctuation spread out strategical collaboration, enhance market sale, compress expenditure to wait.

On the meeting, standing vice-chairman Luo Bing gave birth to Chinese steely association the problem is " 1 to steely September production the circumstance reachs the issue that should pay close attention to " report. Point out, weigh most currently those who want is the work that makes very stable market, the impact of financial crisis is inevitable, but main area did not produce Chinese economy change; Downstream trade demand will be abate, but unapt serious atrophy; Depreciate to cannot stimulate significant demand blindly. Too inactive pessimism cannot take the public figure inside course of study, want to have hope to Chinese economy progress. Emphasize at the same time, steely enterprise should from adjust a product structure, measurable be restricted to produce, it is good to sell the respect such as order, stable producer price in order to sell a system of fixed quotas for grain production, normative rolled steel to do relevant job.
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