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The oil price year ago reduces possible expert estimation to reduce 3 role
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On October 16, price of futures of international crude oil lasts since two months drop situation, drop that day defeat 70 dollars to close greatly, futures of crude oil of exchange of futures of new York commodity in November price of complete a business transaction with 69.85 dollars closing quotation, this is the integral col that wears 70 dollars drops first since 14 months. Of global economic depression affect of face and original to international fat price pull those who drop to had exceeded partial expert to forecast. Trade public figure is forecasted, drop before the end of the year situation can last, our country is before the end of the year or finished product oil retail prices has reducing. Also the expert expresses, the country should take the chance to beginning reserve of hand crude oil, enlarge import volume.

Crude price the end of the year may drop wear 60 dollars

Chief is forecasted related one refine look forward to of Guangdong, the end of the year drops the possibility that wears 60 dollars to close greatly is very large. Fan Xiaoping expresses, although international oil price has dropped,wear 70 dollars to close greatly, but from the point of economic integration situation, drop situation is short-term inside won't produce essential sex to change. But when can sole, return temporarily not Anacreontic.

2008 7, August, when international oil price rushs high, fastigium of oily demand of finished product of duration summer our country, to keep home market, crude oil imports a quantity to expand ceaselessly. But a month comes, although international oil price drops continuously situation, but volume of crude oil import is reduced somewhat however.

Occupy Fan Xiaoping to divulge, guard estimation, the volume of crude oil import September drops extent is about 5% . To this, fan Xiaoping expresses, be the gold period that the country has crude oil is laid in at present, accordingly he suggests the country should enlarge crude oil to import an amount. And think to orgnaization of before this a few international " Chinese demand is talked " , fan Xiaoping expresses, enlarge oil to import an amount and can't prop up what international oil price has essential sex to rebound.

Already broke through inflection point of oil company profit

The reporter visited the know when gas station of part of Guangzhou downtown the city zone recently, car advocate people the voice of fat to asking the country reduces finished product appropriately retail price is louder and louder. It is reported, the personage inside course of study thinks international crude price is maintained generally between 85~90 dollar, it is the inflection point of oil company profit, reached this inflection point, ability is possible oily to finished product retail prices produces an effect.

One refine look forward to of Guangdong also approbated the inflection point that the original oil price of 80~90 dollar is refine look forward to a few days ago about chief. But he expresses, not be international oil price drops split 70 dollars, represent refine plant instant OK make up the deficits and get surpluses, current, the crude oil that institute of plant of a few refine uses still is 8, will purchase September. According to before convention, the time of 2 months is restricted after the effect that the price place that day produces should be delayed. And the country undertakes finished product oily retail prices is adjusted every time, also often be in international oil price Gao Chong comes a certain two months after be nodded high and be being stabilized. Conversely, oil price of near future international drops defeat 90 dollars to pass a month greatly, he forecasts a country to there may be the activity that the price adjusts after a month.
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