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Wenzhou civilian look forward to holds a group in the arms to play the fair of H
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The Wen Zhoumin look forward to that is good at holding a group in the arms to fight all along has new act again. After afterwards shoe takes a company, a batch of preeminent valve companies are comprised " Wen Zhoujun is round " , exhibiting the fair of Holand valve world that holds at the beginning of November in preparatory ginseng, aim brand of valve of lukewarm city of start shooting of the whole on the international market.

"Valve world " exposition is worldwide inside professional valve is exhibited, by the has an effect greatly professional magazine Holand inside course of study " valve world " reach group of KCI of its parent company to begin to hold from 1998, biennially. "Valve world " of exposition showpiece dimensions not very big, but as a result of it extremely professional strong, inside alive bound limits this one, its consequence is unapproachable. Every exhibit the tycoon ginseng that all can attract world valve industry to exhibit the professional traveling trader with each country to look around. For have the aid of this one brand is exhibited meeting, promote Wen Zhou the integral standard of valve industry, our city in November 2006, organized business of valve of pump of many 20 Wen Zhou to go to Holand ginseng to exhibit first, get favorable result.

According to specific and responsible city trade hurried meets the Wen Zhou that this ginseng exhibits an activity to introduce about chief, compare at getting on, the enthusiasm that this ginseng of lukewarm state company exhibits is taller, the business that ginseng signing up postpones has close a hunderd schools, the business that has conducted visa formalities at present has many 30, fulfil exhibit a 400 much square metre. Like limited company of valve of Chinese Changjiang Delta, Baiteli valve limited company, China protects the bibcock company such as one group, it is couplet so big that one can just get one's arms around the 2nd round ginseng is exhibited. They think, with international advanced valve business posture is compared, wenzhou civilian look forward to is content of product science and technology and brand force no matter, having many difference, power of group of have the aid of, the brand of area of win initial success of company of valve of lukewarm city pump that can exhibit to join, draw more international eye, share on the international market a cup of a thick soup.

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