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On temptation and the doorsill that test Inner Mongolia stands in the sources of
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In March 2002, an especially big storm swept across Inner Mongolia prairie, person cultivate casualty, all over the sky of sand and dust, had blown most all the time therein country, beijing, Tianjin, suffer from even Tokyo, Seoul cruelly even by sand and dust. Inner Mongolia became the culprit of sanded dust storm, everybody is censuring the ignore that municipal government changes to prairie desert, so that pass newly second year hind the 3rd day, new the national chairman Hu Jintao that be elected the first station goes out make an on-the-spot investigation, went to Inner Mongolia.

Wherefrom year begin, big immigrant began a modes of life and relation to their environment that involves tens of 10 thousand herdsman, that is Inner Mongolia's most hard time, the worker that go bankrupt because of the state-owend enterprise and loses the job and the herdsman that emigrate because of zoology and lose grazing land were swarmed on the prairie. Nowadays, went 6 years, labor pains has ended it seems that, close old prairie restores green eventually, strap a prairie to Xi Lin Guo from Beijing the green meaning of both sides of high speed road of 600 much kilometers happies and harmonious, or else is the leader 6 years ago when north goes, see connect a dune.

Inner Mongolia also received the best time on the history it seems that, economic growth rate has ranked China 6 years continuously the first. Harangue in what become ground scholar and officers in, had even " world development takes a fancy to a country, chinese development looks inside unconscious " bold and generous view. Wildcat, mine, chimney replaces a prairie to go up former days the flocks and herds of group, make new view.

This change of a chain of world-shaking, basically come from the sources of energy, come from coal especially, up to by 2007, the coal of Inner Mongolia ascertain accumulate content has exceeded Shanxi, rank China the first, extract the quantity already also approached Shanxi. Can foreknow, be in before long in the future, inner Mongolia will replace Shanxi, the base of the greatest energy resources that becomes economy of the China that prop up to continue to advance.

But, coal mine of a few years gives what Shanxi brings is not fortune merely, still have ore deposit natural resources of bad frequency hair, water is dried up wait for a series of society dense that cure hard disease. Go up at doorsill of exploitation of extensive energy resources inside unconscious, will be next Shanxi? Still walk out of a real environment friendly model the road that the sources of energy extracts, let the sources of energy make contribution for whole country not only, more the people that lets live on prairie of kilometer of this 1.18 million square halves extra dividend, receive right good time?

Coal saves Inner Mongolia

2007, it is the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region holds water 60 years, thenceforth rises, media began lengthy and tedious about " Inner Mongolia phenomenon " report. Although the assessment of GDP already began desalt, but for the municipality of northward to China of part of a body borderland, can successive 6 years economic growth rate ranks the whole nation the first, before GDP of average per capita is ranked 10, these calculate going up is extraordinary success.
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