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Heibei steely group publishs inflict of price fixing arrange to stabilize the ma
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Heibei steely group will publish lowest to sell price fixing on October 15, begin to execute new agency system to sell pattern from November, will have good to active interest effect to China north and even domestic steel city. To stabilize the market of building steel products that glides quickly, in the Heibei iron and steel October 15 group high level leads the conference to consider to decide to carry out answer measure below: One, publish lowest to sell price fixing, price fixing of building steel products will sell policy October, tall line not under 3, 300 yuan / ton, steel of 2 class big whorl not under 3, 700 yuan / ton. Under this price steelworks will offer the subsidy of any forms no longer; 2, begin to execute new agency system to sell pattern from November, will break before buy outright mode of sale of type steel trade, advantageous the stability with market price case.

Of early days of domestic steel city go low considerably, divide agency state of mind relatively panicky besides, the question with the obvious existence of steelworks price pattern that still having was before: Market price case drops, price of steelworks settle accounts follows reduce chase after fill, market price case and steelworks producer price are affected each other, bring about the price to stop hard drop. This Heibei steely group takes the lead in putting forward to answer policy, make model to stabilize the market. The attitude of this steelworks is tougher, want to be carried out stoutly to the sale price October, if agency is sold under this price, be in charge of by him agency, steelworks general will publish any new support value policy October.

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