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Report of nucleus of Harbin power station advocate pump valve project accepts ma
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On October 16, water treatment plant of group of production company of motive of thorough Dong Anfa, haing power station, bungalow checks Zhang Xiaolian of vice secretary of Harbin municipal Party committee, mayor circumstance of progress of construction of key big project, understanding project presses the problem that encounters in the process, discuss a means of settlement jointly with the enterprise. Zhang Xiaolian emphasizes, big project is Harbin city realizes a structure to optimize upgrade, the main power that enhances economic comprehensive strength, also be to achieve Harbin city economy good the hope place of rapid development. The government is responsible for big project construction provides the efficient, service that has strength, implement each measure hard reach the designated position, ensure big project is carried out smoothly.

In Dong Anfa motive creates limited company, zhang Xiaolian checked the automatic transmission project that starts inside year. This project makes an appointment with the workshop of 30 thousand square metre to had built, will enter product line equipment to debug level next, predicting next year of first phase project will build in May amount to produce, at the appointed time east how will make car of home of our country head automatic transmission transforms manufacturing base independently, year sales revenue can amount to 4 billion yuan, sales revenue of the year before last year that compare order breaks up one time. After understanding project progress situation in detail, zhang Xiaolian says, the automatic transmission project that car engine company brings to introduce east has investment dimensions dilate of dimensions of big, economy is fast wait for a characteristic, the project is amounted to postpartum, harbin of will great promotion the auto industry level of city, raise engine of Harbin city car and transmission to be in industry position of the country, rise east installed market competition ability, move action to the area that Harbin place economy grows apparent also. This project invests big, progress fast, carried a good head to haing port enterprise.

In group of haing power station, zhang Xiaolian checked report of this group nucleus advocate project of production base of pump electric machinery and valve production builds a case. This base building is amounted to postpartum, producible 3 generation and 2.5 generation advocate pump electric machinery, cover the model of two large main force that develops when pronucleus report. Zhang Xiaolian spot looked carefully at home most report of encyclopedia discharge nucleus advocate after pump testing stand and workshop of production of project of technology of technical reformation of power station valve build a case, say, this project is the big project that has national strategy sense, build the issue that involves to the project, should adopt special the thing does especially. The responsibility that be offerred to big project and builds good environment is in a place, municipal Party committee, municipal government takes this height seriously, the branch should provide the efficient, service that has strength for the enterprise as far as possible related each, ensure project on time complete, amount to produce.
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