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The equipment such as machine tool of foreign enterprise for private use imports
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According to customs total office 2008 the 29th announcement, the enjoyment that approves before May 1, 2008 imports the foreign trader of taxation privilege policy to invest a project, its project unit is after November 1, 2008 (contain on November 1) to custom application conduction derate duty examines and approve formalities, import inside investment amount " domestic investment project does not grant duty-free importer is tasted (edited 2006) " in current equipment the 10th kind (one) , (2) , (3) machine tool of lists for private use and pressure forming machine fetters, uniform impose import custom duty, but still can avoid impose import segment value added tax.

Policy of revenue of foreign capital company adjusts involved current equipment to basically include: The machine of cut of center of grinder of milling machine of lathe of vertical or horizontal machining center, numerical control, numerical control, numerical control, turning, numerical control, uncoiler, compressor that fold a turn, combination is strong cut machine, hydraulic press to wait for a variety of 60 equipment.

This policy is adjusted, the country gave proper wide within a definite time. The enjoyment that approves before May 1, 2008 namely imports the foreign trader of taxation privilege policy to invest a project, the equipment of for private use of afore-mentioned limits is imported inside investment amount, project unit at the relevant material such as project confirmation is being managed before November 1, 2008 Xiang Hai closes application to deal with derate duty formalities, and custom gives accept, still can avoid according to old policy regulation impose import tariff and import segment value added tax. Custom reminds: Relevant enterprise should strengthen own consciousness, had used inside policy wide time limit as far as possible with policy of privilege of sufficient state revenue, in order to reduce company operation cost.

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