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Financial crisis causes the cause that domestic steel price drops considerably
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The financial crisis that the United States grows in intensity became the center that all trades and professions talks about, he is cogent the money bag of the trend that matters to Chinese economy progress and common people. To rolled steel industry, its development depends on at all demand, if American banking crisis arose bigger inhibition to Chinese economy, the downstream demand of market of steel products of that pair of home, will produce huge negative effect.

Financial crisis causes domestic steel price to drop substantially

The a week after National Day of it is reported, price of domestic steel products appears steep fall, drop on average in 12% the left and right sides. Among them, building steel products drops 10.35% , in thick board drop 12.75% , cold rolling drops 9.63% , hot-rolling drops panel height is achieved 16% . Analytic personage thinks, demand of the market after longing for Beijing Olympic Games to end as a result of market early days, clinch a deal can appear improving hope has come to nothing, and demand of the market after National Day grows a holiday, clinch a deal quantity again atrophic, market confidence is devoid, bring about steel price to steep fall.

Be what reason causes domestic steel price to drop considerably after all?

Analytic personage thinks, storm of this banking crisis is right to China rolled steel demand is having very big effect. Because anticipate medium Olympic Games lift a ban, National Day does not have enlarge market demand, appear instead atrophic, bring about panicky mood finally to spread, steel price steeps fall. Mysteel analyst Xu Xiangchun thinks, price of near future steel steeps fall, serious inadequacy is market confidence main factor. Steelworks sells room of difficult, stock not to fall high, anticipate to the pessimism of macroscopical economy face, stock market of together with whole world, option market steeps fall aggravate market panic atmosphere, market confidence alls gone, from iron ore, coke, to billet, rolled steel, the fluctuation of steely industry catenary swims the product all lost reasonable value centre. Partial steelworks is adopted " drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences " policy of the sale that keep a cost, farther aggravate undersell of market panic sex, bring about all fronts product to be without the ground that prop up to drop continuously.

The financial crisis influence to steely industry

Car, estate, shipbuilding these 3 industries are larger to rolled steel demand trade, its move toward the development that affects steely trade directly. And affecting to hypostatic economy in financial crisis deepened setting falls, steely industry is difficult also pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others.
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