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Need and need develop plans to be stationed in Beijing agency at be being shut a
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Last week 5, need and need develop (BHPBillitonLtd. , BHP) government public figure expresses, need and need develop will be by October shut a company to be stationed in Beijing agency.

Need and need develop does not wish the administrative public figure of sign one's name expresses, the company already was by September was stationed in Beijing employee to inform this matter to its, but did not disclose relevant reason.

This government public figure says, need and need develop will hold water to be stationed in Shanghai agency this year in April; The company is stationed in business of exploration of overweight of Beijing business side, in the meantime, need and need develop is sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games. He expresses, be engaged in an Olympic Games the group of relevant business already finished the job, and exploration business is occupied only need and need the one fraction of develop China business.

Another controller that does not wish to disclose a full name expresses, there is one part to come change Shanghai in need and needing develop is stationed in Beijing employee, someone else will leave a company.

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